McTivity - A standard nativity setup but with a difference! The show is narrated in Scots, and with characters such as McBrainy, McEinstein and McRoyal your wee Scots actors are sure to bring a smile to the audience faces! A fun and quirky script coupled with equally funny and exciting songs makes this a hit with everyone. Suitable for all ages in primary school with an adapted, simpler script for infant years. For examples of McTivity visit -

Bairn Born in Bethlehem - A wee bit of a different take on the traditional nativity, this show features "Jock and Jill", two news reporters telling the story of Jesus' birth with the help of their reporters out in Bethlehem interviewing locals and 'visitors'. This show has scope for solo singing as well as groups, and lots of fun scenes for the actors! 


McHistory - set in a classroom where various characters from Scottish history come to visit the class. We have famous sports characters, inventors, actors, Wallace and Bruce, Burke and Hare. All these characters are introduced by our famous 'narrators' Rabbie Burns and JK Rowling! This production is particularly easy to stage, and can be adapted to allow every pupil participating gets a line to say. 

Tales Through Time - Tales Through Time is set out like a news broadcast with "Jock and Jill: in the studio just like "Bairn Born in Bethlehem'. We send reporters back through time to interview characters from Scotlands past - the workers at the Forth Bridge, Rabbie Burns, Robert the Bruce, Nessie spotters! Full of fun songs and learning experiences this production will support any Scottish school topic particularly well. 


Primary 7 is a momentous year in any child's life, and we like to mark this occasion with a brand new show every year specifically written to celebrate their time in primary and the transition up to secondary! Our two ‘leavers’ shows are both fun and quirky, featuring a variety of funky songs (but with the obligatory tear jerker to keep the parents happy!) 

“Just Like Yesterday” is a ‘memories’ show following a group of P7 pupils on their last day of school. The discuss their favourite times of their Primary years, remembering things such as schools trips, favourite lessons, friends they’ve made and sports days. This show has been performed all over Scotland, including some whole school productions. All our shows are customisable and you can alter the characters to suit your own group of children. 

“We’re Putting on a Show” follows a group of pupils and their teachers as they prepare to put on their very first school show! With a funny audition scene, an interfering head teacher who wants the main part, the ‘backstage crew’ who hold the show together and a touching message of friendship and teamwork, this production is the perfect celebration to end your P7 time at school.