We have a variety of Nativity shows, perfect for your school! There's nothing traditional about our  nativities, other than the story itself! We have two Scottish nativies, McTivity or Och Aye the News! Or instead your wee ones could perform Bethleben, the most famous story as told by the Donkey, Angel Delight follows our sassy angels as they set out to spread the good news. We have a Rock and Roll Nativity (complete with guest appearance from 'The King'), or why not visit the grumpiest innkeeper in the land, Mr Cranky and his Stinky Stable! 


We love to teach other curricular areas through the magic of music, and one of our favourite topics is history! We have McHistory and Och Aye the News, both based on Scottish History, as well as a time travel show, and one based on the 1950s to the 1990s. We have great fun teaching these shows in schools and can safely say the children (and teachers) have just as much fun learning and performing them! 


Primary 7 is a momentous year in any child's life, and we like to mark this occasion with a brand new show every year specifically written to celebrate their time in primary and the transition up to secondary! Our ‘leavers’ shows are fun and quirky, featuring a variety of funky songs (but with the obligatory tear jerker to keep the parents happy!)

One of the advantages of working with schools on our productions, is that we get to know first hand what the children and teachers want and need. Something that is always appreciated by P7 pupils and teachers is the opportunity to personalise a leavers show, so it really becomes THEIR show. Over the years we've provided more and more scope for the children to customise our shows to suit them, adding in their own memories of their Primary School days, and making it even more special and memorable.